We offer a unique experience, combining tranquil holidays with self development workshops and body treatments.

Combine a relaxing long weekend or a week's stay with one of our self development workshops

Costing from between 200 and 300 per course including accommodation. Please contact Gail for the individual course prices.
The workshops are for 2 - 5 students and are held between 10:00 and 18:00. We believe passionately that we can all live a fulfilling and abundant life regardless of disability, race or gender. We offer the activities throughout the year and can be experienced individually or as part of a group.

Holiday workshops

From stress to success (Course) - The Chill Zone Special

stepping stones

A quality experience that cannot be experienced in large groups, the Chill Zone Special is available only to 3 students per course.
Each day of the course includes:

  • Bed and Breakfast + light lunch prepared by the students*
  • 2 meditation lessons
  • A talk on self development
  • Half hour discussion group
  • Walk with nature
  • Double room with en-suite bathroom
  • Optional opt out clause to just chill!

*Students are asked to participate in the preparation of lunches etc as a part of the course.
Take steps to a less stressed you!


Meditation and positive thinking

Meditation and talks on positive thinking are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Tuesday evenings.
Gail has been teaching meditation for over 15 years, meditation can help in lowering blood pressure and stress levels.

To read more about meditation see - What is Meditation?

Metaphysics (Course) & (One to One)

This can help you achieve a happier and freer existence and help you to find a more positive way of leading your life.
Gail is an experienced counsellor and Metaphysics practitioner and offers her guests a safe and tranquil environment in which to talk.

What is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics is a spiritual philosophy of being and knowing which goes beyond the laws of physics. This philosophy is based on the belief that there is only one Universal Power; One Mind and One Infinite Intelligence. This One Source is everywhere evenly present, all powerful and all knowing.

It is not important what we call this power whether it be Infinite Life Force, Energy, Universal Spirit or God, it is the awareness of its presence that is important.

Working with a Metaphysical practitioner

During consultation, the practitioner will establish the client's level of spiritual awareness and understanding. Thus establishing a starting point for the further unfoldment of the client's true Self and the deeper realisation of Life with a greater expectancy of Good.

This is done through counselling, Spiritual Treatment, guidance and teaching in the principles and laws of metaphysics by bringing the consciousness of the client back to the spiritual centre, the aim is to create a balance or harmony, which is the objective in many methods of healing.

Metaphysics is truly a way of life, blending the spiritual and the physical to a harmonious existence on this earthly plane. We can go as far as we choose to go.

Self Awareness

The aim of the workshop will be for students to begin to gain a greater understanding of themselves and will include guided meditation and stress management strategies.

This course draws on a mixture of teachings from both ancient and modern metaphysical and mystical principles.

The course includes: An introduction to meditation - looking at different ways of bringing meditation into our daily lives and how meditation can help us deal with stress; Understanding of the Law of Attraction - how we attract into our lives particular people and experiences; Understanding the Law of Reflection - how life mirrors what we believe and accept as true about ourselves and the world; The discovery of our hidden belief systems - uncovering of the negative scripts and beliefs about ourselves.

How to use affirmations to bring about change in our belief in ourselves; Understanding how the Laws of Reflection and Attraction affect our relationships with other people; Brief study of various spiritual teachings and quotations from a selection of philosophies - looking at how we can use these to bring a greater self awareness; Visualisations - how these can be used to discover our life's direction.

This is a practical course working with your emotions and feelings.

Reiki (Course)

The courses offer an opportunity for students to understand how to bring Reiki into their lives.

To read more about Reiki see - What is Reiki?

The Joy of Dyslexia (Course)

Are you dyslexic? Do you want to improve all areas of your life?. This is a self development course for people with all levels of dyslexia.

This course, run by Gail Nelson-Snell, will enable people who have been disabled by the effects of living with dyslexia, find practical ways of embracing their dyslexia and taking their lives forward.

First day:
Finding the area which is a particular problem for you as an individual.
Looking for the positive in being dyslexic.
Exploring other ways of earning a living. Understanding that reading and writing are just a symptom and not the cause of dyslexia.

Second day:
Raising your awareness of who you are.
'Feeling the fear and doing it anyway.'
Learning how to be assertive. Survival in the 'real' world as a dyslexic.

This is a practical course working with your emotions and feelings and using visual aids.

Wise Woman (Course)

This is aimed for women who are 50+. To help them find a new direction, to learn to find and use the wisdom they gained through their life time experiences. To emboss positive change with setting new goals and looking at how they can promote change within their own life.

Couples Counselling
Life Coaching / Spiritural Consultation & Facilitation

Work with the practitioner as a couple to acheive harmony and balance in your relationship. The metaphysical practitioner can help you to bring renewed joy to your relationship. No problem is too big to be worked through.

One to One Counselling
Life Coaching / Spiritural Consultation & Facilitation

Work through any problem on a one to one basis with a practitioner to change financial situations, relationship issues, stress and work problems, family relationship problems. Everything in your life is a relationship.

Bereavement Counselling - EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

Work with Gail to bring balance back in to your life again. Gail offers bereavement counselling for individuals and couples.

To read more about EFT see - What is EFT?