About Gail

Gail invites you to see life from a new and different perspective. Using a practical, spiritual and psychological approach. With this in mind she offers Metaphysical Counselling, Life Coaching, Spiritual Counselling and courses in Awareness, Meditation, Reiki and Energy Healing.

She offers her experience to change your life, if you are ready to take that journey.


You can change your life!

Addictions - Relationships - Careers - Finances - Low Self Worth - Health Issues
Gail Nelson-Snell M.S.E.C. (Member of the B.R.C.P)

Counselling & Life Coaching (one to one sessions): 25 Euros
Energy Healing: 10 Euros
Reiki: 10 Euros
Daily Workshops from: 40 Euros

Gail has had a varied working life and faced many challenges. She has been homeless and a one parent family bringing up three sons. She discovered Metaphysics 20 years ago and that taught her that all in life is inter connected. She worked with a practitioner to change every area of her life.

After all the tribulations she went through, a vision began to emerge of helping others find their right journey and The Chill Zone is the manifestation of that vision.

Gail invites you to come and learn how to change
your life in any area that may need adjustment.

Many blessings to all those that read this.